In response to my own first blog ...

While I still decide whether less is more at Lynette Yiadom-Boakye's exhibition today at the Tate Britain, I stumbled upon these words on the wall introducing her art work:

"The individual paintings do not have explanatory labels. Instead, you are invited to engage with Yiadom-Boakye's works on their own terms. 'There are so many things that I do or think about when painting that I can't put into words. Any attempt at explanation can become, at best, superfluous. At worst, wholly inaccurate.' "

I like the idea of the works on their own terms. Her work is figurative and capture moments. If her work was surreal or conceptual, would they still work on their own terms? Ironically she is a writer of prose and poetry but for her the two forms of creativity are separate but intertwined. 'I write about the things I can't paint and paint the things I can't write about.'

What I really liked and has given me food for thought are the very interesting titles she gives her paintings. Perhaps, that is enough.

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