Casting Breath

Casting Breath, is an attempt to visualise the intangibility of breath and life. Blowing into a balloon and casting the inside of it with plaster enabled me to solidify a part of my breath. This is my breath. The piece is very fragile and so is my breath. A short film captures the fragility of life when I burst the balloon.


The concept of Casting Breath is further explored through a community project. Another short film shows the fragile plaster sculpture being passed around from hand to hand. Every time it is held, fragments of plaster break off and are placed into the sculpture and passed on. This is symbolic of how we are all linked physiologically and are therefore, equal. It highlights life and ‘passing on’. It is also reminiscent of the Christian eucharistic ceremony of the breaking of the bread. It is interesting to observe the language through this particular material engagement as each participant handles the fragile sculpture differently and they each adapt their movements to it, and to how they pass it on.